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Kevin C. Fitzpatrick
Kevin C. Fitzpatrick
Author and project manager Kevin C. Fitzpatrick founded Donald Books in 2009 as an imprint to bring out special books that would not be noticed by the American publishing industry. Fitzpatrick worked at one of the biggest publishers in the country, as well in magazines, newspapers and television. But it wasn’t until he published his first book, A Journey Into Dorothy Parker’s New York (Roaring Forties Press, 2005) that his eyes were opened to how independent publishing works.

To launch Donald Books, Fitzpatrick chose a project that interested him for several years: publishing work by the Algonquin Round Table. Fitzpatrick has been a fan of the group for a number of years; he founded the Dorothy Parker Society in 1999 and has led walking tours of the haunts of the “Vicious Circle” for a decade. But he wanted to bring a book out that went beyond the quips and smart remarks. With his friend, Nat Benchley, they edited a book together and decided to self-publish it, using the resources of iUniverse to do so.

In the coming months, Donald Books plans to bring out more “lost” material from classic writers who have not been heard from in decades. Fitzpatrick is also an experienced New York guide, and frequently talks about the history of the city. Some of his writing about the city is also going to find a home through Donald Books.

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